Infrastructural Development


S.N. Name of Building Source of Funding Stage
1 Administrative Building ICAR Completed
2 Farmers Hostel ICAR Completed
3 Staff Quarters(5) ICAR Completed
4 Demonstration Unit ICAR Completed
5 Threshing Floor ICAR Completed
6 Fencing ICAR Completed
7 Rain Water Harvesting System ICAR Nil
8 Farm Godown ICAR Nil


Type of Vehicle Year of Purchase Present Status
Jeep (Marshal) 2005 Good
Motorcycle 2007 Good

Equipments & AV Aids

Name of the Equipment Year of Purchase Present Status
Winnowing Fan 03.07.06 Good
Inverter with Batteries 04.06.06 Good
Color Printer H.P. Business Ink jet 16.10.06 Good
Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Automatic 5 K.V.A.) 90-250 V. 09.10.06 Good
I.B.M. Computer Think Centre M-50 with 15” Color Monitor 24.05.05 Good
External Modem, D-Link 24.05.05 Good
Computer 07.02.06 Good
Laser Printer 07.02.06 Good
Combo Drive 24.05.04 Good
DVD Combo L.G. 18.06.06 Good
Xerox Machine 420 20 PPM Printer 31.05.05 Good
Digital Camera Good
L.C.D. Projector 07.02.06 Good
L.C.D. Electronic Meter 22.07.05 Not functional
U.P.S. 07.02.06 Good
U.P.S. - 2 Sept. 2007 Not functional